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Citrus II CPAP Concentrated Cleanser for Tubing - 32oz.

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Part Number:635871849
se Citrus II CPAP Concentrated Cleanser daily, weekly, or monthly for safe, gentle cleaning, deodorizing, and maintenance of all types of CPAP, BiPAP, and Oxygen Therapy, Tubing, and Accessories. Regular use effectively removes build-up of dirt, grease, oils and organic residue. CPAP mask cushions should be cleaned every morning after use. Tubing, headgear, and humidifier chambers should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks, and your CPAP or BiPAP machine should be wiped down at least once every two weeks. Regular cleaning of your equipment greatly increases its lifespan.

This concentrated cleanser is designed to make over 8 gallons of CPAP cleaning solution and is great for cleaning tubing and humidifier tanks, which require full submersion in a cleaning solution to be disinfected.

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